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Schulman Bhattacharya Successfully Defends Famed Investment Banker; Quashes Series of Subpoenas Aimed at Obtaining his Personal, Private Information

Jan 27

A famed, foreign investment banker retained Schulman Bhattacharya after a series of third-party providers, including Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, received subpoenas demanding production of the bankers’ emails, browsing history, payment details, and other invasive personal and business information.  The subpoenas were issued as part of far-reaching discovery in a case currently pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and sought to drag the banker into the heart of that case.  Schulman Bhattacharya faced an uphill battle, as the law provides only a narrow basis for a person to intervene when a subpoena is issued to a third-party provider seeking that person’s information.  However, Firm partner Jeffrey Gavenman, assisted by associate Sabina Schiller, was able to convince the court of the impropriety of these subpoenas; the presiding judge quashed the subpoenas and issued a protective order preventing the party that issued the subpoenas from any further pursuit of this information.  With that order, the banker was able to ward off the attempt to embroil him in the litigation.  “We are very pleased with this result.  Our client and his private information are now appropriately protected from the heavy-handed discovery tactics employed by an overreaching opposing counsel; justice was served,” said Mr. Gavenman.